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Let's Adventure

High stakes. Complicated characters you love for their flaws. And a big dose of adventure. That's what I write. I love transporting readers to slightly altered worlds where magic, vampires, and plenty of danger lurks. I live for making your heart pound, forcing laughter even in the darkest moments, and giving you heroes to root and cry for. I don't pull my punches, and that’s what makes the payoff so worth it.

Let's Adventure
My Series



The Henchman's Survival Guide

Alice is desperate for a job. Fortunately, the biggest villain in town is hiring.


Girl With Broken Wings

Maya was taken. She was changed. Now it's time for vengeance against the ones her turned her into something un-human.

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The Vampire's Housekeeper Chronicles

Deidre is just a hapless, everyday human. That is, until she takes the job of a lifetime with the world's crankiest vampire.


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You seem like an awesome person, so how about a free book? If you don't mind subscribing to my mailing list (you can always unsubscribe later), I'd like to offer you the first novella in my Vampire's Housekeeper Series. If you're looking for a light-hearted read with a lovable heroine and the grouchiest of vampires, give EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE a try.

About J Bennett

Abot J Bennett

Author J Bennett lives and writes in San Diego. She loves devising new worlds and pummeling her characters (both physically and emotionally) before giving them their triumphant endings. Her household includes two lazy cats and a bunny who occasionally eats her manuscript. (Clearly, he’s just jealous.) When she's not writing, J enjoys running on trails where she definitely doesn't get into philosophical arguments with her characters, because that would be weird. She also likes lifting heavy things at her CrossFit gym and spending time with her very patient boyfriend.

Author J Bennett, Writer J Bennett


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